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Psychology Session


We offer In person Psychiatric Consultations and Evaluations at our Midtown Manhattan office, as well as telehealth appointments.

Research has long shown that combining psychotherapy with psychiatric treatment can lead to multiple positive outcomes, such as:


  • A further understanding of one’s emotional well being

  • Higher rates of response and remission than with either treatment modality alone

  • Lower rates of relapse and recurrence than with either treatment modality alone

  • Increased chance of being able to use lower dose of medications and/or fewer medications 

  • The ability to treat certain symptoms/problems that are less amenable to non-medication treatments

  • Increased ability to make use of psychotherapy treatment for further psychological development

Psychiatric Evaluation


At the Center for Wise Mind Living, we consider the psychiatric evaluation to be a comprehensive and collaborative journey to elucidate and optimize all aspects of your emotional well-being, including the following:


  • Psychiatric and psychological factors

  • Medical and nutritional factors

  • Learning/educational, sensory, motor, coordination, and developmental factors

  • Family, social, and cultural factors

  • Occupational factors


The process begins with a comprehensive evaluation, diagnostic formulation, and the development of a treatment plan.

Once clinical decisions are agreed upon, your psychiatrist will remain in close contact with you and any other members of your team throughout the treatment process, as we work to optimize benefits and minimize problems, side effects, and risks.

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