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We know that there are times when the challenges our clients face require a hands-on approach in real world settings.  Coaches help our clients meet their goals by assessing what’s happening in real time and then develop an individualized plan for how to move forward.  Our coaching approach is focused on teaching new skills, changing old habits and dynamics, and creating reinforcement within the client’s environment. 

What Does Therapeutic Coaching Involve?

The therapeutic coaches at the Center for Wise Mind Living act as a vital part of the therapeutic team. Our coaches all have master’s level degrees and are specialists who combine the disciplines of education and psychology to teach individuals and families the skills they need to thrive in their personal lives. Our coaches work with clients virtually by video, in our offices, or come to the client in the environments in which they are most challenged. Our coaches work both with individual clients and with families. 

Individual Therapeutic Coaching

Working with a coach can help you learn new skills, get unstuck and move forward in your life with active support.  Coaches begin by completing a comprehensive evaluation of what you need help with and then create a personalized plan for how to achieve your goals. 

Areas of Focus for Individual Coaching:

  • Organization Support

  • Procrastination

  • Time Management

  • Managing Stress

  • Managing Symptoms of Depression or Anxiety

  • Social Skills/Social Anxiety

  • Job Search/Career Change

  • Navigating Difficult Life Transitions

  • Parenting Support

  • Defining and Achieving Goals

  • Health Lifestyle Support (Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Addictions)

  • Building Self Care Routines

Family Therapeutic Coaching

Coaches help families rebuild their communication and interpersonal dynamics to create an environment that promotes successful wellbeing and behavior.  Coaches begin by completing a comprehensive evaluation of the family system and create an individualized plan to address the challenges a family is facing. Once the plan is developed the Coach then provides one-on-one support to parents and their children on a daily or weekly basis. Coaches teach life skills, provide regular feedback, answer questions and address problems as they arise. 

Areas of Focus for Family Coaching: 

  • Navigating the transition from residential treatment to home

  • Navigating academic challenges

  • Navigating a child’s psychiatric challenges

  • Teaching and modeling DBT skills

  • Creating healthy home structure

  • Organizing the home environment

  • Positive parenting strategies

  • Managing disruptive behavior

At the Center for Wise Mind Living, our dedicated Individual and Family Coaches are here to help you or your loved ones develop the essential skills needed for success in daily life. Our goal is to empower you to lead a life that is balanced, fulfilling, and meaningful, an approach to life we call Wise Mind Living.

Want to learn more about Therapeutic Coaching? 

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